September 2014 Angel Card Reading


Yay! September starts out with A Happy Change (the Wheel of Fortune). Be ready for things to start swinging in your favor. As the month moves on we’re being asked to own our personal power, stay out of other people’s drama and know that it’s okay to say “no.” By the end of the month, the angels ask us to remember what made us happy during childhood to discover clues about our true purpose.

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Sending lots of Angel Blessings!!
Christy and Milo the Magical Dog

August 2014 Monthly Angel Card Reading

Here is your Monthly Angel Card Reading for August 2014.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)!  As we continue to clear out the “old” the angels are reminding us to forgive ourselves and others for anything in the past and pay attention to the signs they are sending us on how to move forward.  We’ve been moving through a void between the old and the new — so it’s time to start making wishes and setting intentions to co-create a new, abundant and joyful life.

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Have a beautiful month filled with joy!

Belly Laughs and Blessings!

Christy and Milo the Magical Dog


Monthly Angel Card Reading for July 2014


July is all about RELATIONSHIPS and CHOICES. In June we had a theme of Release, Heal, and Let Go and because of that, a lot of you may have experienced major shifts. The angels want to congratulate you on all the inner work you’ve done!! Yay!! With any transition or shift we are faced with decisions. The angels want you to know that you that you have all the resources inside yourself to make good decisions and that you can’t make a wrong choice when you’re following your heart. Keep moving forward towards your dreams, as everything you’ve experienced up until this point has prepared you for what’s to come. Believe in yourself and go for it!!!

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Wishing you a wonderful month filled with fireworks of LOVE and many blessings.

Belly Laughs and Blessings,
Christy and Milo the Magical Dog

Monthly Angel Card Reading for June 2014

the EmperorWow, here we are in the middle of 2014!  The first card that “jumped out” during the reading this month was “Release.”  I’ve noticed that a lot of my clients are experiencing some old issues resurfacing in their lives.  The reason this is happening is for them to heal and release them for the final time.   The angels told me it’s a time of letting go of anything that does not serve us so that we can move forward into our bright, wonderful, divinely co-created future. They want you to know that they are with you to help you to forgive and heal and find the blessings in all relationships.  The over-all theme card was Friendships — so remember to reach out to your friends for support and guidance.  They are your spiritual family!  The month starts out with the Emperor card signifying that we are powerful and we can now take everything we learned and become true leaders.  As we move through the month, things will start to move very quickly– delays are over.  If you receive an offer or contract to sign, try to put off signing any legal agreements until July when Mercury turns direct.  By the end of the month, we’re asked to step out as the Spiritual Teachers that we are and shine the light for others.  Remember: When you hold the light for others, you hold the light for yourself.

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Wishing you all a wonderful month filled with love!!

Belly Laughs and Blessings,

Christy and Milo the Magical Dog

Accepting Abundance

I’m sometimes asked, “How can a general monthly Angel Reading apply to EVERYONE?  Everyone is different and on their own path.”  Yes, this is definitely true.  This is why before I do the Monthly Angel Readings, I ask the Angels to show me the cards that reveal what is happening “energetically” — the cards that can be of assistance to everyone  who is called to watch the video — for their highest good.

Knight of FireFor the first week of May, the Angels gave us The Knight of Fire.  They told me that in this case it meant that we needed to prepare for things to start moving really fast.  Situations could change on a dime and force us to move into action and make quick decisions.  For me, this manifested in a big way, as I found out I was going to have to move the very day I posted the reading for May!  It sent me into a frenzy for a while, until I remembered The Knight of Fire had come up in the reading.  (Yes, I try to practice what I preach, but sometimes even when you’re “warned,” situations can still come as a surprise and catch you off-guard.)  The Knight of Fire tells us that even though we may have to make quick decisions, it’s important to take a beat and consider all our options BEFORE acting.  Whew!!  What a week!

10 of EarthWe’re now moving into the second week of May and I pulled the Ten of Earth.  Yippee!!  This card represents financial abundance, a successful career, and happy family.  Now, you might ask — Does this mean I’m going to win the lottery??  Are all my financial dreams finally going to come true?!  Well, maybe– but you know the old saying: “You can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.”  This applies to everything in life.  If you’re not in the game, you can’t win the game.  It’s up to you to create your reality.  If you’ve been doing your inner and outer work, healing and releasing your issues, forgiving and accepting others, choosing love over fear, surrendering, trusting, living a life of gratitude AND building a career — then yes, this a great week to reap some rewards.  Yay!!  And remember, abundance comes in many forms.  This is why this card also represents a happy family life.  Focus on what you HAVE, not what you’re lacking.  Just the act of gratitude CREATES more abundance.  Be careful not to move into lack and block what is coming in for you.  Accept your abundance!

Have a beautiful week!!

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Belly Laughs and Blessings,

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